You guys.

You guys have just been awesome.

All of you who would text/message/email or once in a while saying “Update dammit!” I loved it. It made me so endlessly happy that people enjoyed my crappy drawings. I also filled me with crushing disappointment in myself for almost never actually updating. Still love you for it! You know who you guys are!

I was going to do a finale comic, but eeeh. The reason why I’m stopping is because I no-longer liked drawing since about… 2 years ago. I just continued because I already kinda started. Plus some of you were so goddamn excited when I added you into it. Towards the end I wasn’t doing it for me, I was doing it for you. And that’s not a reason to draw.

For those wondering “how it ends”. I moved to Toronto with Kyra. I’m in college again for Computer Systems and Networking at Seneca. I wanted more consistent and higher paying work than electrical. I found out it would take me like 11 years before I could own my own electrical company. So on the horizon is maybe a job as a network administrator, or help desk. Very excited to be engaged to Kyra. Once I graduate I’mma marry the shit out of her.

If you wanna hit me up, email me. forthefail@ <- Split it up to avoid spambots.

This website will disappear in around a year or two when my hosting space expires. It’s been rad.